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A life coach.  It was suggested by the doctor more than once.  Later, one day, tomorrow, that is when I decided I would get back to what I enjoyed and what was unique to me.  It was not always this way but somewhere in time it changed and the desire to nurture my talents diminished.  My days were full of chores and tasks to make a difference in the life of others leaving little room for myself.  In the order of things I placed myself last on purpose.  For a very long time my life was overwhelmed with responsibility.  It wasn’t like I did not know this, I designed it this way.  Meeting with Cherry and working through the exercises, assignments and reading material was great fun.  She became my personal “cheerleader”.  I saw how many years of my life had passed living the way I had and yet no plan in place to change the future.  Cherry helped me to realize once again how precious my life is and revived the longing to engage in the world as if I also matter and what that looks like for me today.  Our sessions have ended however I pause during moments when I notice that I continue to actively make changes in my life without effort.  That brings on a big smile and a grateful feeling with much love.

                                                                                            ~Mindy B

Since working with Coach Cherry, I have made some pretty big changes in my life. The clarity I have gained from our sessions has helped in my personal as well as professional life. Cherry assisted me with practical strategies which have generated great results. I am in a much happier place and I am very grateful. Thank you Cherry!
                                                                     ~ Tracie K.


Cherry, you have been an amazing coach! From the very first phone call, I knew I could trust you to be open and honest with me which is exactly what I needed to get me out of the rut I was in. You are professional, intuitive and a great listener. Since then I’ve come to know you also as someone who is not only non-judgmental, objective and supportive but a very kind, compassionate and caring person as well. Over the past several months, you have provided valuable insight through conversation, suggestions of books and articles to read for personal growth, a new perspective or idea to think about or to try, an awareness of the endless possibilities that are available to me, continuous encouragement…and so much more. I must admit that I am sad that the coaching is coming to an end; however because of your inspiration, I am looking forward to the third chapter of my life with much anticipation and excitement. Thank you so much for helping me to refocus my direction, grow as a person and be available to walk with me on this journey. You are awesome! 

                                                                        ~ Mary R


As a retiree, I felt my time left on earth was limited and I didn’t really know what to do to find a meaningful way to spend those days. After my first conversation with Cherry, I felt my spirit lifted. We talked about using my time to find my passions and not giving myself a number of years left to hurry up and do something. My days became more meaningful by the way I approached the practices we discussed during our weekly conversations. Active Transformation is just what it takes to find forgotten passions, and inner traits that have been put aside. Being an active participant in one’s own plan for short and long term goals with the help of a coach like Cherry, can open many new doors and give a new meaning to the life you want to live.

                                                                             ~ Jade M.

The first session I had with Cherry resulted in immediate relief. Relief from burdens I didn't know I carried, and excitement over the discovery that I had an amazing potential for change. I had come to a place where I was sick of the way I was living and ready for a life turnaround. Cherry's incredible balance of sensitivity and encouragement created a safe haven for me where I could take risks, make mistakes, and still press forward, full speed ahead, on my journey to wholeness.

Cherry O'Neill has a gift for seeing the roadblocks in our thinking patterns, and then asking the right questions to expose these negative thoughts. As I began to speak with Cherry, she saw that I had adopted a perfectionist, performance-driven, pattern of thinking. If I made one mistake, I would throw in the towel and go ahead and engage in behaviors that were unhealthy and even detrimental to my health, well-being, my family, and my career. This usually manifested itself in my eating habits. I would eat one bite of a "forbidden" food, realize I had entirely ruined my "perfect" day of eating, and then I would go on an all-out binge. This pattern continued for me for over 5 years. Now I can proudly say that I no longer binge eat. I have Cherry to thank for helping me discover the root of this habit, and then giving me productive, effective practices to speed up my journey to healing. Now, my mind, body, and spirit are not only restored, but I am also positively affecting the world around me. My relationship with my husband is more intimate, my career has become exponentially more productive, and I no-longer allow anxiety to dictate my lifestyle. Cherry introduced me to the tools, practices, perspective and principals I need to constructively deal with my old behaviors and patterns of thinking. The results are astounding!

                                                         ~ Aubrey K.

“Instead of wishing my life were different, I am going to live differently. Instead of waiting for my life to begin, I am going to begin living”. Eight months ago, I simply could not have said those words, but today I can.


During our first conversation I could see that my coach, Cherry OʼNeill, was listening to me not only with her coaching skills—but with her heart as well. In that moment, I immediately knew that Cherry understood me and that she cared. I had no idea how powerful, productive and healing the time ahead of me would end up being—I went from being hopeless and paralyzed—to being hopeful and free.


I have struggled most of my life with self-reliance and futility—which basically left me in a constant state of waiting for my life to happen. I have always been a very “all or nothing” person, which meant that if I felt capable for the task, I would do it with abandon, and if I didnʼt—well, I became paralyzed. Woven into my thoughts was a nagging ritual of questioning myself—”If only” became a ruthless task-master that I would spend years of my life serving, not just with a sense of regret (disqualifying any success of my past) but also concluding that my future would be the same.


Several years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. A classic situation (among others) that sent me straight to denial for 2 years before I would face the daunting task of trying to reverse it. This was the ultimate test for me and my “all or nothing” modus operandi. Eventually (and thankfully) it fueled my desire to seek outside help.


Week after week Cherry would encourage me to take steps that were slow and steady. At times I would find myself unable to move forward, so she would help me to navigate other options that were pertinent and productive. Overall, I found that Cherryʼs counseling was a perfect blend of her own life experience, wisdom and knowledge that (collectively) has helped me to find links to the things that were keeping me a prisoner within my own life. Cherry understands the value in resources and gave me plenty to consider along the way. She also has an astounding sense of grace and kindness which enables her to function in her gifting as both teacher and coach.


Thank you Cherry for your expertise in coaching and for being someone who has chosen to use your life in order to serve and benefit others. I am so grateful that I had the great fortune to have had your input, instruction and wisdom at a time in my life when I was ready for significant change. I love you, I thank you, I am a better person today because of you

--Tami M.

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