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purpose, passion and potential

Pricing and Packages


A coaching session typically consists of 45-60 minutes, and costs $75 per session. It is most common to have one session per week, however, it can be arranged to have our sessions every other week if schedules will not permit for weekly sessions. Having session more often than once a week does not allow enough time for things to be accomplished between sessions, so the weekly option is recommended.

Our first call or meeting will be free, providing us with the opportunity to determine if this coaching relationship will be a good fit --- and to insure that you believe it will assist you in accomplishing your goals and meeting your needs.


The weekly coaching rate is $75, so a 4 week package of 60 minute sessions costs $300. Any mid-week emails, texts and check-in's are included in this fee.

Should you decide that you want to purchase a 3-month package and pay for it up front, you will receive a discount of 15%....which is the same as two free sessions.


Billing is done in 4 week cycles. Coaching is results-based and client-driven so you can continue as long as we have goals to achieve and outcomes to accomplish. Some people work for a month, but it is more typical to require a 3 month cycle, with some coaching relationships lasting 6 months, 9 months or longer. As long as we are working towards achieving your desired state, the coaching relationship can continue. The billing, however, will only be done from month to month.

Once you have achieved your goals, we can bring the relationship to a close, when it has been mutually agreed upon. A client who has been coached once, can always return to be coached again---to work on something new or to go deeper in working on issues already addressed.


We can also spread these 4 sessions over once a month or every other week meetings to match pace with your current need.


Can be made online using a VISA, Discovery or MC debit/credit card, by check on our first meeting of a monthly package if we meet in person, or you can send it to my mailing address at the beginning of each monthly package. Let me know if you prefer to pay online or by check and I will send an invoice.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for sessions already completed, but if a package has been purchased and some of the sessions have not yet been conducted, and a client should wish to terminate the coaching relationship before all paid sessions have been used, there will be a refund given to the credit card used by the client to purchase the session package, to pay the client back for any remaining unused coaching sessions.




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