Active Transformation

Personal coaching in pursuit of
purpose, passion and potential

Transformational Life Coaching

We all have goals, dreams and passions...but somehow, most of us get off track in our pursuit of what is really important to us. Would you like to revisit the vision you once had of who you would like to be, what you would like to do, and create the experience of living a purposeful and meaningful life?

Transformational coaching offers clients the opportunity to make changes in perspective, behaviors or beliefs, and effectively move you forwards towards achieving your goals. Find out what is blocking your progress, create a plan for moving from your current state to your desired state, learn how to implement weekly practices that will move you closer to having what is important to you in your life...because you have all the resources you need! Transformational coaching allows you to connect with those resources, so that you can get "unstuck" and actively create the life you want, in alignment with your purpose, passion and values.

Transformational Coaching is not about fixing anything that is broken, healing anything that is is about enabling a client to access their own potential for becoming the person they were designed to be. While clients will be actively making choices to do something different, the real transformation will take place in the form of who you ARE, not what you DO. That interior shift in "being" will be the impetus for the more outwardly visible changes that will take place as a result.

Are you ready to do something different? Are you ready for an Active Transformation...?


I have had particular experience working with:

1.) Those who are in recovery from EATING DISORDERS, as an adjunct to therapy

2.) Women who have found themselves in their MID-LIFE and want to reconnect with their personal passions in order to create something purposeful and productive in the second half of their lives

3.) Young people who have been through a REHAB, TREATMENT OR THERAPEUTIC BOARDING SCHOOL and, although they have received many new skills and tools while in their very structured environment, they are now returning to their home environment and do not want to make the same mistakes they made in the past. These young people may not need therapy but could benefit from the partnership of a coach who will be supportive while holding them accountable, and also assist them in setting goals and finding out what they want to create in their futures so that they can work on moving towards something positive---not just away from something negative.

4.) Challenges with PARENTING---as the mother of 5 children (three of whom were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD while very young), and a community award-winning advocate for youth, my experience, passion and intuition combine to provide a wealth of information and resources to parents dealing with a variety of parenting questions.

Coaching does not need to take place in person, although that is certainly possible and I am happy to meet with anyone who is local to the Seattle area, at a place that is mutually convenient. However, the bulk of my coaching so far has been done by phone, and with new technology, even Skype can be used for coaching purposes. Please consider me as you, or those you know, are looking for help in personal development, results-based planning, realistic goal-setting, making life transitions or dealing with accountability in your/their lives. I look forward to making contact with you in the future!


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